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So, by now, I’m sure you heard about The Break-Up Email Read ‘Round The World.

If you haven’t, read it so you can follow along here.

Over text message, you exchange some niceties, share links to topical Web videos, or draw up vague future plans.

Then, your romantic prospect’s chat bubble suddenly stops popping up on your phone. The fade, Carter says, is a source of soul-sucking frustration for the modern dater.

And to be fair, the slow fade is not the optimal avoidance method.

It’s not kind to string people along after you’ve made up your mind, and it’s rude to ditch on concrete plans. (It’s worth noting that the quick dissolve is not simply a convenience of the digital age—it also works at parties.) For all the ambiguity attributed to the fade/dissolve, no digitally literate dater is legitimately confused by an unanswered text. That’s why, she says, the fade is “also known as: ‘Bitch get a clue, it’s not happening.’ ” The idea that a direct message is necessary to cement a relationship’s end is yet another obfuscation.

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The guy was a magazine publisher, Jack, and we hit it off on our first date. To provide a little bit of context, we had not gone further than kissing on the corner hailing separate cabs at the end of our dates. Now, we’ve debated the whole Fade/Honesty/Diplomacy to death here. But if someone persistently tries to contact you and doesn’t appear to be getting the hint, then the humane thing to do is to reply and tell them your ex popped back in to the picture or that you’re fresh off a break up and not ready to date.But I wanted to discuss this particular situation because I think it involves several issues. Yes, it should be obvious that the lack of response is a response and that the person you’re trying to contact isn’t interested. Or they they can not conceive of the possibility that they might not get what they want.I was intrigued (and kinda sad...remembering past ghosters is almost as bad as getting ghosted in real-time).So I crafted a little poll on Survey Monkey and used social media to share it.

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