Dating mappin webb silver plate marks

Mappin & Webb traces its origins to 1775, when Jonathan Mappin opened a silver workshop in Sheffield, then as now a major centre of the English silver trade. One of Jonathan Mappin's great grandsons, John Mappin, started his own business in London, Mappin & Company, in 1860, which became Mappin, Webb & Co.

in 1862 after John Mappin was joined by his brother-in-law George Webb.

was a Birmingham silverware company producing fine silverware and silver plate.

A Few Facts (these will be on the test): The Meriden Silver Plate Co.

Marks read: The Meriden Silver Plate Co., The Meriden S.

Mappin & Webb traces its origins to a silver workshop founded in 1775. It has held Royal Warrants to British monarchs since 1897.

The company's master craftsman Martin Swift is the current Crown Jeweller of the United Kingdom.

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