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Once you’ve paid for the game, you can access everything with no need to pay a penny more. Discount Armageddon is officially released March 6th.You can create a sticky entry in your personal journal and also in a community as long as you both are the author of the entry and the community's owner or maintainer and it is you.To make a sticky entry, simply check the "sticky" box on the update page or edit entry page.- a mobile dating game app that’s been a smash-hit on PC and mobile devices since it released all the way back in 2014 - is coming to Play Station 4 and Xbox One on February 7th!In the game you play as supreme drag queen Kitty Powers, who’s playing cupid with a selection of clients all desperate for you to set up them, help them out, and guide them through their disastrous dating dilemmas.

Sticky entries respect the same settings as normal entries: they can be posted at any privacy level, have tags, use non-default commenting options, etc. If you already have a sticky entry, when you create or edit a new entry, the text for this feature will change to "Replace sticky post".There was only 2 recolors, so I decided to make more and I hope you´ll like them. I haven't seen any real-life furniture like this so kudos to the EA designers who just decided "hey let's make very shiny very expensive melted-looking metal furniture"And I've never really used it but I can picture it in a penthouse apartment (and I could finally use the helipad too)?Also, because I am number-based OCD, any books which escape into the wild before then make me feel sick, cry hysterically, and basically become non-functional with stress. As of midnight Monday/the very beginning of Tuesday, Amazon has been shipping copies of Discount Armageddon.Consequentially, Barnes & Noble is doing the same thing.

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