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Accommodating IOLs One approach, accommodating IOLs, tackle the problem differently.Instead of placing multiple focusing elements in a single fixed lens, most accommodating lenses change focus by utilizing a single optical element that moves like a camera lens or alters shape.A standard monofocal IOL is a fixed lens (it doesn't move) which by definition only has a single focal point so it can only deliver clear uncorrected vision at a single distance.A clear focal point for distance is usually chosen leaving intermediate and near vision out of focus and blurred requiring glasses to bring the vision back into a clear focus.An accommodating lens "flexes" or "accommodates" using the eyes natural muscles to focus on subjects at various distances, delivering a continuous range of vision - near, intermediate and far.Crystalens is the one and only FDA-approved accommodating lens available in the United States.

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This design strategy trades off some of the benefits of seeing through a single zone in order to have a greater range of focus. While many multifocal patients can read without glasses, their distance vision may not be as sharp as it might be with a monofocal IOL.

Here, four experienced surgeons share their latest thinking on the currently available presbyopic lenses and the factors—physical, medical and lifestyle-related—that cause them to favor one lens option over another.

Scott Mac Rae, MD, in practice at the Strong Vision Refractive Center in Rochester, N.

Moreover, use of these IOLs has grown only 6% per year since 2010. New presbyopia-correcting IOLs, including accommodating and toric accommodating designs, are being developed with an eye toward expanding the stunted market.

forecasts nearly 11% growth in presbyopia-correcting IOLs through the end of 2016 as new options become available. Presbyopia correction can be approached in a number of ways.

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