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Its stocky body has a flexible pelvis, a thick neck, and bowed legs.

The orangutan's arms are longer than its legs, reaching nearly to its ankles when the ape stands up. Orangutans spend most of their life in the trees, swinging confidently from branch to branch.

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For more than a century, the Cambridge Center for Adult Education (CCAE) has provided an oasis of learning in the heart of Harvard Square.Heisman Trophy-winning quarterback at Auburn who shattered nine rookie records with the Carolina Panthers after being drafted 1st overall in 2011.He was named NFL MVP for the 2015 season and he helped lead the Panthers to Super Bowl 50 in 2016.He remained at the university, lecturing in most years, until 1696.Of these Cambridge years, in which Newton was at the height of his creative power, he singled out 1665-1666 (spent largely in Lincolnshire because of plague in Cambridge) as "the prime of my age for invention".

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